A poem by Charlotte Oliver with a photograph by Robynne Limoges

Nut, Mayan Goddess of the Sky

Back curves and bleeds
mood-colour to the sky’s edge
each morning she swallows down
the face of night
heart heaving bears
hot orb of light
to bring hope bright
a gossamer blessing
draped across the people
fades with passing hours
until the deep lace of night
swaddles tight
torn white
by moonbirth
and with velvet star-flecked breath
whispers to Her shining child
a lullaby of silver-haloed clouds.

Charlotte Oliver is a freelance writer who lives by the sea in Scarborough, England. She was the commissioned poet for BBC Radio York’s Make a Difference campaign and has work published or forthcoming for Pendemic, One Hand Clapping and Not4UCollective’s Poems from Home. Tweets: Charlotte Oliver (@CharlotteOlivr) / Twitter Website: http://www.charlotteoliver.com.

Banner: Untitled, an image (c) Robynne Limoges.

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