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Whiskey Radish: the adventures of char vol. #1

Now available for order! 160 + page book of VISPO by this totally original, magical visual artist, writer and musician from Massachusetts. Previously published by U.K. Penteract Press and others, Whiskey has a wide international following for her comix; philosophical, underground, laugh-out-loud and brilliantly realized, the work of a lifetime! This is her first full-length!! Get it while you can. An instant CLASSIC, soon to be read here on Planet Earth and other galactical, palatial and less-esteemed destinations.

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NEW! Now Available in Paperback:

Postmarked Quarantine – A Full-Length Collection of New Poetry by Kolkata, India Author, Kushal Poddar

Kolkata-based writer and visual artist and Ice Floe Press Dispatches from a Pandemic contributor has created an instant classic diary for our times. Each poem represents a ‘day-in-the-life’ of the poet and his family. The full-length book is a complex, humorous and surreal snapshot of life under lockdown during the first and 2nd waves of the global COVID19 pandemic.

Advanced Praise:

We see, perhaps, a glimmer of the wreckage Benjamin’s Angel of History witnessed. Poddar’s Angel of History is we readers, as “We turn back to see us/ walking behind us, and another we running past,/ their heads turned toward the origin.” – Michael Dickel.

There are echoes throughout the book of inheritance and of choosing what we keep from someone we love and how we pass this on. – Sue Finch

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Kyla Houbolt’s Dawn’s Fool — A Microchap

Dawn’s Fool is a wondrous mini-collection, a drifting meditation of prayer-poems by Kyla Houbolt, an emerging poet, sage and political activist.

The book also features a cover painting and line-drawings by writer and visual artist, Robert Frede Kenter. We hope you enjoy this lovingly produced chapbook.

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Miggy Angel’s Boy, Bestiary

Boy, Bestiary is an incendiary book of poems, the third volume of a trilogy that also includes the highly visionary, Extreme Violets (Hi Vis Press).

Miggy Angel is a U.K.-based poet, spoken word artist, visual artist, editor, and founder of Burning House Press. He is a member of the music project We Bleed Ink.

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Robert Frede Kenter – Audacity of Form

Robert’s exquisite book Audacity Of Form, a stunning, complex combination of poetry and visual art, developed out of linked poetic fragments and intuitive juxtapositions, is available now from Ice Floe Press.

Robert Frede Kenter is unafraid to tackle the grit and the hardships of life. This mixed media collection of experimental poetry, visual art and photography offers hard truths and a voice for poetry and art lovers alike.” —Isabelle Kenyon, founding editor of Fly On The Wall Press.

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Bola Opaleke – Skeleton of a Ruined Song

1st Printing Sold Out. 2nd Printing (New Edition) – Coming Soon!

A brilliant first chapbook by the award-winning Nigerian-Canadian poet Bola Opaleke, this is a truly heart-rending, complex, sensitive and ferocious body of work about war, loss, hope and migration.

Sometimes, we’re helpless
in the hands of ghosts –
these things that fling us
like rocks, like unsalted venison,
at gods who feed only on dead bodies.

“This chapbook has in it the beginnings of fire” – Jericho Brown, author of The Tradition

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