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Beginning in January 2022:

The renewed up-dated series, GEOGRAPHIES, curated/edited by Robert Frede Kenter and Moira J. Saucer returns for a new vision in 2022.

Ice Floe Press will present a series of works by invited writers and artists and open-call contributors to explore anew the idea of Geographies at the 2-year point in the continuing arc of a long Pandemic. Not a series about the pandemic, but a re/visioning of self/other, interiors/exteriors, landscapes/(e)scapes within a global/local personal/community nexus. Think nature/culture, Anthropocene/climate change, capitalism/exploitation etc.

So, as in 2020’s infamous Geographies series at Ice Floe, we are looking for creative imaginings, actual and imaginary, of those multiplicities & diversities between: self and the geographies of rupture/

Geographies of the land/ geographies of the body (disabilities/scars/celebrations/landscapes)

Cosmologies of the future/animal geographies/urban/rural cartographies and/or topographies/ are all wanted.

Geographies of family/history/migration/disruption/the post-colonial/Indigenous and anti-racist, decolonial/anti-oppressive.

Whether it is cosmopolitan/neighborhoods, mountain ranges /ocean currents /interior geographies/ of silence/ geographies of malice/ geographies of love/ geographies of language / laughter/ largess and crisis / geographies beyond/outside binaries/ geographies of queerness —

We hope you will entertain us with 1-6 pieces or approx. 2500 words max. We are open to hybrids, experimental pieces, VISPO, video, sound pieces, fiction, CNF, flash, poetry, concrete poetry, formal, art, photos, collage, abstract, representational and anything else not mentioned here 😊

Please send previously unpublished, new work in word file and PDF for formatting, if unusual formatting is a component.  Also send a short bio 100-150 words max, including author photo and social media handles. Send JPEG or PNG files for images.

Send your work to and place GEOGRAPHIES 2022 in the subject heading.

TY so much in advance,

Robert and Moira

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