A Poem After Lana Del Rey’s Cinnamon Girl – A Poem by Adeola Juwon

A Poem After Lana Del Rey’s Cinnamon Girl

It’s my turn to sing the song of the broken:
I am loved and unwanted.
I am the earth you trudge and the sparkling stones of your sky.

I let your words cut me then I come to you for healing.
I hate myself for loving you
but I wouldn’t fight it.

So take me, son of man,
have the whole of me.
Be the reason my pillow is a puddle at night and
why I smile at my phone’s screen in the morning.
Push me away and I’d come crawling back to you.
Paint the petals of your lips with foxgloves and I’ll kiss them still.
Your love is why I will to live.
Your love will be the end of me.

Adeola Juwon is a Nigerian Ghostwriter and Poet. He likes to capture the whole human experience with words. He is also a poetry editor at Lion & Lilac lit magazine (UK). His debut collection, ‘Ellipsis’, will be out by June 5 2021.  You can connect with him on Twitter @_Phoebus_Apollo

Banner Art: Folded Flowers, a digital image by Robert Frede Kenter (c) 2021. Twitter: @frede_kenter

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