Self Isolation: 3, 6 & 10 – Three Found Prose Poems – Mike Ferguson

Self-Isolation 3

Variant of "Counting Down Time #26" by Robert Frede Kenter. Purple and blue  gitchy folding ISBN sign elongated into an infinite accordion the word "counting" in yellow and black juxtaposed over top - a pale green-brown rectangle - and a yellow long rectangle at the right, thinner.

Self-Isolation 6

Excerpt / crop variant of "Counting Dow Time #26" by Robert Frede Kenter. Red and grey geometric patterns on grey background - like an elongated folding ISBN symbol.

Self-Isolation 10

Author’s Note: These three found prose poems come from a sequence of ten written across the first ten+ weeks of lockdown (in the UK).

Author photo: black and white.

Mike Ferguson is an American permanently resident in the UK. His most recent publication is the found poetry collection ‘&there4’ (Beir Bua Press, 2021), Twitter: @omahaglenn Website: Remaining well-oiled at:

Art: Counting Down Time #26 a visual poem collage & 2 fragments by Robert Frede Kenter (c) 2023. Twitter: @frede_kenter IG: r.f.k.vispocityshuffle.

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