A poetic review of Ashley Hynd’s “as seen by the broken heart” from Entropy (Gap Riot Press, 2020) – Ellen Chang-Richardson

                     as seen by something so familiar

                     Entropy   chaos   randomness or is it statistical
                          mechanics?  no wait      this must–must    be
                     a     reference to    communication     theory   or
                     maybe–the–       degradation      of      all matter
                     or energy that this    shit    of a year can muster
                     I gasp      could call it rebound only that’s       more
                     consumptive          more enabling        than reality–

                     damnit I feel you
                                                                                         I feel you
                     I feel you    I feel you    I feel you because      I’ve
                     been there too     my    breathe    stops     mid   belly
                     and now my mind  stops  mid   line   this   space
                     is the space I live for
                                                             the space
                     the space

                                                                                          the space
                     I live for     in poetry   in literature   in    line  play
                     ing back through imagination
    to       hold        me

                                                                                       in dim light
                     I am hunched at my desk–mid      autumn–asking
                     “what     am I      building with my life?”

Ashely Hynd’s book can be purchased from the Gap Riot Press website at: https://www.gapriotpress.com/shop/p/at6i2h9jw8uo9tn7e08uppsjy2hvrk.  Readers can also contact her through her website if they wish to purchase a copy of her book directly. https://mabuntupoetry.wordpress.com/

Ellen Chang-Richardson @ehjchang is an award-winning poet of Taiwanese and Cambodian-Chinese descent. The author of three poetry chapbooks, Unlucky Fours (Anstruther Press), Assimilation Tactics (Coven Editions) and snap, pop, performance (Gap Riot Press), her work is forthcoming in Watch Your Headthird coast magazineThe Fiddlehead, and more. She is the founder of Little Birds Poetry, the co-founder of Riverbed Reading Series, and a member of the poetry collective VII. Ellen currently lives and works on the traditional unceded territories of the Algonquin Anishinabeg First Nation (Ottawa, Ontario). www.ehjchang.com

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