25 Seconds with Covid – A Glitch Film & 7 Images by Maggs Vibo

The following represents scans of my recorded coughs after being diagnosed with Covid-19. Each 3 second interval was printed atop vellum and melded with letter transfer poetry to describe my symptoms, concerns, and general exhaustion over the course of the recovery.

25 Seconds with Covid — The Glitch Film

Margaret Viboolsittiseri is an artist residing in Midlothian, VA. She’s contributed to many online publications, art exhibitions, and over a dozen print anthologies. She has forthcoming projects with Penteract Press and IceFloe Press. You can follow her experiments with glitch films, ash poetry, warrior myths, and dark folklore at her website: maggsvibo.com. Twitter: @maggsvibo

Banner: A Capture, a still from the glitch film, 25 Seconds, selected by Robert Frede Kenter. Twitter: @frede_kenter

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