Bio: “I Always Knew?”- A Poem by Purvomaya Aleksandrova

Bio: “I Always Knew?

The depths of the past
Hide many things – some –
That I hide from.

/I always knew? Always knew? Knew?/

In the beginning, there was Y—
A young boy.
Appearances could be deceiving, yet…?
He didn’t know.

The past offers a tantalizing hand
To those who will to search
A hand that pulls in
drowns with
the dust of the past fills your lungs,

/Know? Know? Know?/

Can we escape the past?
No future’s been created
without it;
Yet no future has been made
Looking backwards

It is tempting to say –
“This was not me.”
Turn one’s back…forget.
Can’t forget/won’t forget
But I can’t be thrall
I can’t look into every word
Every cloth
Exclaim! “This is it!”
“The Sign!”

For you can have signs thousandfold
It matters not – if unacted upon.


Purvomaya Aleksandrova is a 23-year old nonbinary woman living in Bulgaria. In 2021, they have graduated from university with a B.A in History. It is only recently that they have begun making submissions to poetic journals, meaning this is, in fact, their poetic debut. They hope that this will be followed by many more publications. You can find them at Twitter @1stAleksandrova.

Art: Response. A Visual Poem by Robert Frede Kenter (c) 2021. Twitter: @frede_kenter

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