SHOOT THE MOON (for Sue Finch) – A Hybrid Collaboration by Robert Frede Kenter w/a Night Club Reading by Sue Finch and Kath Andrews

Author’s note: This piece is a mythic-modern call & response to Welsh poet Sue Finch’s poem “Flamingo.” It is also dedicated to the life and memory of my Glasgow/NYC/Berlin friend, Diane Torr (R.I.P.) and her Man for A Day Performances & Workshops – Robert Frede Kenter (2022).

First JPEG of extended work, SHOOT THE MOON (For Sue Finch). The image collage is text/image various birds and falcons, an astronaut, repeated and collaged in powder blue tones, a white-pink backdrop. Above is a fragment of another image of flamingos the word moon in yellow-green, flamingo necks against a dark green background/beach scene.
The pink-orange flamingos against green image is turned upside down. Below this a hybrid collage MENU in stencil text above which are images of a human heart (medical model) on left, with glitch fragments collaged on the right geometric reds and mauves, yellow, black/yellow diagonals etc.
Image text of a doctored moon in umber with fragment text on a space -galaxy background plus a gun template and a red splotch (blood or fire) as if shot out of the gun pointing up to the right  juxtaposed to the moon layered on top of the moon - a sense of vertigo-spinning

where you can go to perform “Flamingo”
by Sue Finch

where can you go to listen to Sue and Kath perform? — HERE:

“Flamingo (the smoky nightclub version)” by Sue Finch – voice, Kath Andrews – piano:

Repeats the first collage image of astronauts and flamingo collage with words moon/angel in the collage a triptych panel with some lines from the poem overwriting to be read or to be seen as textural element: incl.
Be careful   Daddy skewer, daddy beef, holding etc.

Shoot the Moon (for Sue Finch) the PDF version. (c) 2022 Robert Frede Kenter

Robert Frede Kenter author photo black and white close up head/shoulders

Robert Frede Kenter is a widely published writer, editor & visual artist, Pushcart nominee, grant recipient (Ontario & Toronto Arts Councils), and EIC/Publisher of Ice Floe Press Books/anthologies incl. The Book of Penteract (Penteract Press, 2022); EDEN, a Hybrid (2021), avail: (2021), & Before I Turn into Gold, FeversOftheMind (2021). Recent journal appearances incl: Acropolis, CutbowQ, Streetcake Magazine, Feral, WatchYrHead, Anthropocene, Scissors & Spackle, Cough, BurningHouse, Anti-heroin chic, etc. Robert has lived/worked in Toronto, NYC, San Francisco, London, UK., etc. Living with ME/Fibro, Robert is sometimes sidelined, but never out of the game. Twitter: @frede_kenter, @icefloeP. IG: r.f.k.vispocityshuffle. Mastodon:

To find out more about Diane Torr visit

Author photo Sue Finch  black and white , lying back on grass smiling eyes closed, upper body black sweatshirt with poet anagram on top.

Sue Finch lives with her wife in North Wales. She likes all kinds of coasts, peculiar things and the scent of ice-cream freezers. Her first collection ‘Magnifying Glass’ is now available from Black Eyes Publishing UK. The poem “Flamingo” is included in Magnifying Glass. Available here: Twitter link: @soopoftheday.Another iteration of “Flamingo” read by Sue Finch as well as the text version can be found at

PIanist Kath Andrews smiling profile outside blue hair maroon sweater. wearing black glasses.

Kath Andrews (piano) loves to knit, sew, make bobbin lace, embroider and is learning to spin. After teaching music for 21 years, she is now following her dream of working with yarn full-time: She enjoys reading both Tudor and science-fiction, exploring the amazing Welsh countryside with her wife, experimenting with vegan cookery and sourdough baking.

all texts, images, page design & layout: Robert Frede Kenter, 2022

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