Three Poems by Twila Newey

natural selection

my children
             are water
                            & sand
                                         ebb & flow
                                                      unfurling waves
                                                                   of light
                                                                               foam white
                                                                                            fingers clear
                                                                                                          round breath
                                                                                                                        they are
                                      the line
                                                    where blue
                                                                  water becomes blue                                sky


How do I bank light against coming darkness.
Is enough stored beneath the surface

of my skin. Does sunlight become marrow
viscous flow—the center of my bones. And then what

will blood carry summer along subterranean rivers
to my body’s every continent—liver, spleen, gut, heart.

Can I reach out and enclose warmth in my palm—open—
will it bloom, a poppy, in my hand

to hand to my children their future too dark too see—screened
in blue light you can’t sleep by. How can I drink enough

of afternoon sun to make love last, earth last.
And If I do will I be lit from within—as Joan at the stake

as Jesus when he spoke of lilies then turned to dust.
Lay down in the fields. Lay down, lay it all down.

men & gods

they made us
into gods.




we were bodied


what are we now?

strings of shifting
an electric
in a woman’s mind

what woman?

the one pinning us
to this page.

Twila Newey received her M.F.A. in Writing and Poetics from Naropa. She was a finalist for 2019 Coniston Prize at Radar Poetry and won honorable mention in 2019 Juxtaprose Poetry Prize. You can also find her poems at Green Mountains Review, Guesthouse Lit., Summerset Review, and other journals. Her first novel, “Sylvia”, was published this year from BCC Press. Twila is a poetry editor for Psaltry & Lyre and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Twitter: @motleybookshelf

Banner: a detail from ‘The Burgeoning World’, a digital art piece by Robert Frede Kenter, (c) 2021. Twitter: @frede_kenter

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