Subterranean Chatter – A Series of Experiments

Welcome to A New Ice Floe Press Series

Curations by Robert Frede Kenter, Moira J. Saucer & guests

Devoted to explorations into poetics and forms from the single poem to series and hybrids.

SubChatter will include various forms of call/response, connections & convergences between one poet and another (writer/reader), to new invited and open-call collaborations and single creative explorations in sound, voice, video, poems, prose, essays, reviews, CNF, drawings, VISPO, & other experimental forms.

Note: TY to Toronto-based writer, critic, and translator Khashayar Mohammadi (Kramer) for his initial work on this project.

Send your original pieces to Subterranean Chatter at our email address:

Send up to 5 previously unpublished individual works for consideration.

Banner Art: Candy Rabbits Don’t Lie A digital VISPO collage by Robert Frede Kenter.

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