Two Poems – Hilary Otto

Covering letter

I am good communicator
                        Words gather like ghouls, expelled shadows arriving late
I have the ability to get on with people
                        Able to listen to all sorts of bullshit while maintaining my composure
I have seen many projects through from concept to completion
                        I move too slowly, like a lame panther. Always hungry.
I am able to come up with creative solutions
                        Queen of multiple alternatives, Houdini-hand on the exit.
I am reliable
                        Aching for revolution. When the moment comes, I will not miss.
I feel I am well suited for this position
                        I can slip past the gatekeeper, smirk concealed.
Available for an immediate start.

Reasons to continue

                                                                            we work     in order
                                                           to realize our potential     to feel something
                                              to keep ourselves busy     to test our threshold for pain
                        we live together and bring up children     we push ourselves to the limit
                          and now we medicate, we struggle     daily, we pick at our scabs and cut our arms
                      to communicate messages of love    to make our raw flesh swell, to achieve release
              we end up alone in cavernous rooms at night     savouring the swoon of adrenaline in our blood
                    comforted by a cushion of investment assets    pumped up by the practice of toxic habits
                                weightless digits rising on a screen    accumulating in a carved silver tally, help us
            Almighty Market: maximise our profits, teach us    to take risks, remind us how to be free
                                how to soundproof the soul    to memorise the taste of our own blood
                                to trust the gap widening beneath us     to rise spitting grit when we stumble
                                                        to climb that ladder    to climb and never climb down

Hilary Otto is an English poet based in Barcelona, where she reads regularly in both Spanish and English. Her work has featured in Ink, Sweat and TearsAIOTBAnti-Heroin ChicBlack Bough, and The Blue Nib, among other journals. Last year she received her first Pushcart Prize Nomination. She tweets at @hilaryotto.

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