40+ years of work:  A reflection – Spangle McQueen

40+ years of work:  A reflection

Paper round

rainy Manchester
the world’s news on my shoulders
inky finger whorls


bedtime stories
mummy’s perfume lingering
daddy’s adultery

Sweet shop assistant

candy cigarettes
cherry lips & floral gums
Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls

Tobacconist Assistant (1)

a note from his mum –
20 Benson & Hedges
box of Swan matches

Tobacconist Assistant (2)

Sobranie Cocktails
pastel coloured cancer sticks
Christmas gift for mum


yellow Marigolds
scouring your toilet with Vim
no shit stains remain

Market Stall Helper

black fingerless gloves
dupe perfume/ fake make-up stall
egg butty & tea

Bar Maid

blue hair/punky eyes
‘You’d look pretty if only…’
mopping up spilt beer

Café Assistant

pastry crusted pinny
I serve you hot chocolate
my future stalker

Youth Worker

juke box and ping-pong
my car windscreen is shattered
Dub be good to me

Forensic Psychologist

expensive outfit
called as an expert witness
imposter syndrome

Spangle is a happy grandma based in Sheffield UK. She enjoys being part of the Twitter poetry community and has recently been lucky enough to have work in Icefloe Press, Bear Creek Gazette and Vamp Cat Magazine. Twitter: @spanglemcqueen

Banner Image: Step Lightly, Step Steeply, Step Grandly, a visual poem by Robert Frede Kenter (c) 2022. Twitter: @frede_kenter

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