A Poem & A Poster-Art Work by Neha Misra


From the barren fields of
heavy hate and hollow ignorance,
I re-claim the republic of imagination
where stubborn hope is the queen
and action her flying minister.

Working Together Takes Real Work

Neha Misra I नेहा मिश्रा is a contemporary eco-folk artist, poet, and an award winning global Climate Justice advocate. Neha’s Earth stewardship centered multi-disciplinary studio builds bridges between private, collective, and planetary healing through the power of art. “Neha” meaning “love” has roots in Sanskrit, the ancient language of her ancestors. Neha grew up in the heart of India’s capital New Delhi whose soulful vibrancy is a part of her creative DNA. America is her adopted home where she embodies powerful reclamations of (re)imagination. Neha’s practice is rooted in diverse eco-folk art and sacred geometry traditions of India combined with her lifelong environmental justice work and foundational education in Physics. In a reductionist world, Neha fosters conversations about possibilities of wholeness that can emerge by embracing the physical and metaphysical, complex and simple, old and new. Neha is a Regenerative Artivist with the Design Science Studio – an initiative of the Buckminster Fuller Institute and habRitual for planet conscious art. She serves as the inaugural Global Ambassador for non-profit Remote Energy which is making the global solar energy movement more inclusive for people of color, especially women. She has been featured in National Geographic Magazine, Forbes, Ms. Magazine, and Mothers of Invention. Learn more about her at: http://www.nehamisrastudio.com. IG: @nehamisrastudio. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nehamisra/

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