Poems and Images: A Hybrid Sequence – Russell Carisse

angel death

order between
     energy and
      sky of the
    through its
           psychology of the
    can provide
     the on-chain
    transition to
           your angel death

Random Stone.3.Salamacis’ Fountain

Salamacis’     fountain     breaks    these    surfaced
wildlings;       effeminate      spring      shamelessly
enfettered,  weighed,   sold  tonic  from   unkempt
barbers,  with  taverns,  paired,  as  legend speaks.
Enticed   brigands    of  acorn   hoards,   by  acorn,
civilized   sips    anoint    those   rights,    earnings
respect,  or  at least,  that’s  the   stale  that’s   sold.
Sometimes   though   articles   of   mixed   garbage
sciences, relate; scratched  buys  bits by waste tells
of  someone’s   spread,   to  taking  other’s  talking
earthbound  rebranding taking  place.  Shook  the
lands,   fluffed    the    comforter;   spiteful   razing
consumes tunes bound to boundaries flickered by
slights of wrist twisting shouts loud.

Milo of Croton

Famous   sportsmen,    whether    Olympic   oiled,
grand anemic, or other gamed  frames  displayed;
waving fronds of palm and in pausance  crowned
triumphant,   fourly  horsed,   lead  reign  pulling,
but   what  has  Milo  brought,  for  Croton,   back,
unconquered? What  pressed  advantage, playing
with   those  fed   to  lifetime’s   snibblet  of   nuns,
compares  groundlings  to  sward  fields  growing
leaves  everheld   with  gum  and   sewn  in  packs
everpressed,     flowering      harvests     spreading
windowed out with life? Hence  squat  continues?
What    example,     but     memorized    in    traced
pediment’s ungainly step through  lip  skimming?
Or leastly  spared by the barbed ranks there  filed?

Random Stone.6.Random Stone

Random    stone    walling   lays   hardly   random.
Taught eye, trained  to pass up the  quoins  to  see
contained in  the  corniced  high   those   planning
marks,  is   still  looked  past  peeky-blinders.  The
ancient code  cyphered , struck with rock sentence
and  jointed   algebras    stretched  thorough  lined,
remains    abstruse.     Only   the    eyes    practiced,
maimed,  andor hardened, can  backtrack the  wall,
backtrack   intentions   through  twos,  fours,  sixes,
and rules  threes  racing  runs  or  threes  holed  up.
Randomness   making     appear’nce’s     shadowed
head serpent  stone’s  viewed  side hiding  the  rest,
andor  found  once  pained  affronts  the gimmick’s
test;  nothing’s so planned than angels  laid  stoned.

Eyes in Your Smoke

Abstract swirls of smoke imposed over an umber dark green/brown lush vertical field. (by Russell Carisse)


there gripping yardarm Chiron’s  boat upside downward  dragging
Momus wal’ng pace  beside  trudging boatman’s thigh tal’ng smack
while  flowered  swimming meadows  that   impress  andor  beckon
captain ‘rbours  they  gingered topics  spoken coaxed fo’ard pressed
out crosswalk  walkway  wayfare  field complaint  footings   finding
beckons   res’ng now Chiron’s  motions  furthered  spot ope’d glade
and growling ordered Momus   stop  glistened   toptalk  downtimed
boosting couldn’t mend humours calling sunlight on chea’ng hands
twist  clasping under  upturned bark’s   keeling  darkness   kneeling
within ‘shroom   circ  panting  escaped  Mischief’s gaze  ray’ng eyes.


to him
purposefully drawn
to Jesus
found in the
final reversal of
the heart, a
lament and that
last orchestral
sounds like the
is given
of the
beyond all
utterance—that is

The Minotaur

A driftwood death's head; a tree stump in grass, the approximation of a horse/the Minotaur. Art by Russell Carisse

Author photo thru an old window close up of contemplative expression.

Russell Carisse is currently living on unceded Wolastoqiyik territory in New Brunswick. Here they have resettled off-grid with their family of people and animals, to grow food and practice other forms of underconsumption. Russell is the author of chapbooks, BRICKWORKS (Frog Hollow Press 2021), and English Garden Bondage (above/ground press 2022), and their work can be found online and in print. Twitter: @russellcarisse

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