Pandemic Love and other Affinities – An Ice Floe Press Anthology


We are thrilled to announce that our new print Anthology, Pandemic Love and other Affinities, is now available from the website. Containing work by 72 Canadian & international contributors — poets, experimental poets, visual artists, prose writers, photographers — the Anthology, edited by Moira J. Saucer, Robert Frede Kenter, Anindita Sengupta & Jakky Bankong-Obi, is an amalgam of the work chosen by our guest editors in collaboration with Moira and Robert, expressive of the nature of the evocative call & its theme: how do we conceive of ‘love’ in the midst of global pain, suffering, illness, confusion, loss; the tireless business of care in the midst of the international COVID pandemic crisis. We believe the results formulate an evocative picture of our times, a collection of depth and breadth to cherish in these complicated years and for the future.

The book’s lead editor, Moira J. Saucer writes in the Foreword:

Many of the works here have a surreal feel, as if their creators are submerged in disorienting worlds of dreams and nightmares encountering existential threats to everything familiar, everything loved. When we started work on this anthology, we believed the Pandemic would be over by summer 2020, but that’s not what happened. Since the first lockdowns began in March over two years ago, COVID-19 has washed over the globe in waves. As this collection goes to press, even with effective vaccines and boosters, the virus is still evolving and mutating and posing serious dangers globally.  We hope that Pandemic Love and Other Affinities will serve as an enduring archive of the human heart, showing how we lived and loved during the Pandemic. 

We have invited a few of the contributors to read their work, either in a video-presentation, or sound file as an accompaniment to the project, which shall be available on an adjunct to the order page. These will be added as we go along towards the August publication date. We wanted to start this time-based media addition, however, below with Los Angeles-based queer poet, Preston Smith, whose love-poem, ‘Quarantine Love Poem’, was the catalyst for our decision to create this Anthology when the poem arrived in our in-box for a corollary series, the ongoing Pandemic Dispatches project, curated by our EIC/publisher, Robert Frede Kenter. Here is Preston ushering us all, with mystic fashion, to the production and emergence of our 140-page Anthology. Preston sends out a video hello from LA to all contributors, potential readers and purchasers of the book. We thank everyone in advance for reading, for buying, for recommending, listening and engaging with our press, this true labour of love, and all our ongoing work.

To help support the continued existence of Ice Floe Press we are making a very small run of a special hardcover edition of the Anthology available (see below). To light, peace, beauty and wonder; Blessings.

Ice Floe publisher/EIC, midwife, robert frede kenter ❤️💕

Preston Smith reads: Quarantine Love Poem

an excerpt from:

Quarantine Love Poem

I never thought I’d say I fell in love

during a global pandemic. I find that

love in the Anthropocene is tragedy

except for when a single sunflower sprouts.

The only pandemic we knew was history

books and the violence of the word victor.

According to Google, there are 2,175 miles

between a vaccine and a beating heart

and each is etched in early baptismal blush.

The Anthology Contributors:

Ewoenam Akahoho, Roseline Mgbodichinma Anya-Okorie, Akesha Baron, Ronna Bloom, Yasmine Bolden, Velid Beganovic Borjen, Paul Brookes, Barney Ashton-Bullock, Matthew Burnside, Sue Chenette, Marian Christie, Defne Cizakca, Geraldine Clarkson, Cathy Daley, Nabina Das, Shome Dasgupta, Satya Dash, Martins Deep, Peach Delphine, Steve Denehan, Olga Dermott-Bond, Chelsea Dingman, Damien Donnelly, Birgit Lund Elston, K. Eltinaé, M.S. Evans, Suchi Govindarajan, Catherine Graham, Sue Finch, Kari Flickinger, Roger Hare, Matthew E. Henry, Elisabeth Horan, Rahma O. Jimoh, Silas Jones, Agunbiade Kehinde, Robert Frede Kenter, Rose Knapp, Laurie Koensgen, Henneh Kyereh Kwaku, Emma Lee, Robynne Limoges, V.C. McCabe, Spangle McQueen, Jenny Mitchell, Hasan Namir, Marcelle Newbold, Twila Newey, Lizzie Olesker, Charlotte Oliver, Niall M. Oliver, Bola Opaleke, Kunjana Parashar, Serena Piccoli, Maria S. Picone, Kushal Poddar, Lee Potts, Whiskey Radish, Khalisa Rae, Vismai Rao, Larissa Reid, Monty Reid, Andres Rojas, Moira J. Saucer, Anna Saunders, Preston Smith, Ankh Spice, Alina Stefanescu, Samuel Strathman, Claire Trévien, Bunkong Tuon, Margaret Viboolsittiseri


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