Trailer Poems and Photographs from RV Parks and Politics – Constance Bacchus

Hot August Politics

the sun has been going

down for hours

highlights dark


the breeze near

the lake

is aware &

borrowing things

most notably space & time

& in the canyon she wears a mask

the shed is the clincher

grey, nice, big

holds everything

that isn’t in the trailer
soft grey, concrete floor, grass around the back

sunflowers attempting on the side

w/small lavender

will they grow or

will it be like the people in the other 5th wheel said

the water kills everything but grass

Constance Bacchus @crschultz509 lives in the Pacific Northwest with her daughter. They often run across the trestle and explore the various climates in eastern Washington. Her writing is published in numerous literary magazines and journals and she is currently at work on a chapbook and other poetry. Her new book, Lethe, is now available from

All images, including banner by Constance Bacchus.

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