We are looking for writing (poetry, CNF, flash, essay, hybrids, VISPO), art works, video, sound-pieces written during or about life since March 2020 and the COVID pandemic. This is an ongoing Ice Floe Series. We will consider up to 3-5 pieces, up to 2000 words approx. (Submissions read on a rolling basis).

Please send work to: icefloeprojects@gmail.com

We ask that work be sent in word.doc format with PDF if necessary due to layout. Send JPEGS or PNG files for visually based work, or appropriate video, sound-file links. Ty in advance.

Send us a short bio, up to 125 words, an author photo, social media handles. We will consider simultaneous subs, but ask that you indicate that in the cover letter. Please indicate in the subject heading that you are submitting for Pandemic Dispatches.

TY and stay safe blessings Ice Floe Press

This healing space this sacred prayer zone

This  healing   space    this   sacred   prayer   zone

This healing space this sacred prayer zone

Art by Robert Frede Kenter

Send pandemic related work to: Icefloeprojects@gmail.com

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