Two Poems w/voicings by Catrice Greer and w/images by Robert Frede Kenter

In the Frequency

In the Frequency, a recital by Catrice Greer

Is it possible
that in the frequency
you found in me
the grounded parts of yourself
whole, un-cracked

circuits, left broken
by distorted unsafe currents
back in safe mode
kundalini coiled

you found me awakened
fluttered, atrial
beating ohms
feeling for you
in this virtual space
pulses speaking
our ebbs, flows, synergies
blown through, amplified
crested in our pixilated silences,
we see better
we get

you’ve written your ballad into me
call & response
could it be
me, lyrical, etched
into this time again
you sing the song
my electrified marrow’s
been waiting to hear
gather itself

And it is written
on the inside of me
growled in an echo serenading
deep in the night that sings me to sleep
pulsating a lullaby
rocking me sound

We can’t say our goodbyes
No, not this time
we’ve only just said our lifetime of hellos

I need you here
in the crests and troughs
riding high, pinned low,
blown through
in this digital hyperspace
shuttling past hurts
time travelers
no night or day
no need for time or to keep
pace with light
we ride this current

Twin energies synched
we recognize our hertz
combine altitudes, we go

I hear you
astral traveling
feel you in the night
and you touch me when you think
I cannot hear
you thinking me there

3-dimensional seduction
elevated vibrating
you find your way inside me
willingly unbraced
where we
sing our songs
electronic duets
across oceans
time, space

And it is Just

And it is Just, a recital by Catrice Greer:

And if I learn to love you,
as if we are one,
tethered, trailing
the force
of past lives
particles in equal mass
we orbit
Balanced in our darkness
feel the cool shade of the moon
And with a turn
We are Sirius*
pulsing east stars
lighting through
our darkest enmeshed hurts.

You live still
in the marrow of my bones,
my soul, she holds you
closed is
our once love
our once life
astral traveling
jettisoning the axons
our dark bodies
shadowed selves
a living galaxy
In lost potential
permanently etched
In the incubated

You call me,
by my name
and as always, I follow
we meet in my dreams
night after night
breath by breath
side by side
soul by soul
you lead
I follow
and I love you
as always
in the place where
time space regret
shame and sorrow
don’t matter.
And it is just

*Sirius is also called Alpha Canis Majoris or the Dog Star. It is the brightest star in the night sky.

Catrice Greer is a Baltimore-based literary artist, narrator, reviewer, arts panelist. She is a 2021 Pushcart Prize Nominee, by Ice Floe Press, for her performance poem, “MommaMendsUs’.  In November 2020, Catrice served as Poet-In-residence for Cheltenham Poetry Festival.  Ms. Greer has served locally through the Maryland State Arts Council as a Maryland State Pre-Regional and Regional Judge for the National Arts Education Program, “Poetry Out Loud.” Catrice actively leads as host, chair, curator, and collaborates as an invited panelist on local and international panels such as  “Aware,”  “Silver Spring Arts Salon,” “Say It Loud,” and Stroud Against Racism” to discuss artistry, mental health advocacy, arts & science, and social justice issues.  Her poems have been published in international online journals, anthologies, and most recently, in Ice Floe Press, Steel JackDaw Magazine, Fevers Of the Mind, and Lapidus Scotland Anthology. Catrice is currently working towards publishing her first poetry collection. Twitter: @cgreer_greer

Banner Art and Image 1 & 2: Pulse, Variants, Digital images (c. 2021) Robert Frede Kenter. Twitter: @frede_kenter

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