Skin – A Video by Julie Easley

Click to watch:

Julie Easley is a working-class poet and writer from Saltburn in the UK, a Tees Women Poet, a twice commissioned Deranged Poetess, host of DiVerse poetry, and an Apple and Snakes BlackBox performance poet. Julie is published in Anthologies from Ek Zuban Press, Kirjastus Luul, Slice of the Moon books, Dreich magazine, StepAway magazine, Versification, Stone of Madness Press, Thrive Teesside and Morning Star (an opinion piece). Her film poems are published by Icefloe Press and Darlington Pride. Julie can be found on Spotify on the album ‘From the Ancestors,’ by Ron Whitehead & Gabriel Walker, and her poem ‘we are the Goddess,’ (for International Women’s Day 2021) is available on BBC Tees Upload. Twitter: @JulieEasley

Banner: An excerpt from “Skin” chosen and manipulated by Robert Frede Kenter. Twitter: @frede_kenter

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