Supplication In A Large Body Of Water – A Poem by Agunbiade Kehinde

Supplication In A Large Body Of Water

After Adedayo Agarau’s Omen

Here is where the current hits or eats ferrying dreams,
the way of dying does not matter if it’s met with ease.

When the kraken wakes, eyes flounder with the sea—
the hypnosis of loss, man’s swivelled pulses,

boys swashing with bodies of bereavement, the sea sings the tune of ending,
a weary man in a marseille reaches for the sky, the sky switches dark.

Now these prayers grow pulsant from mouth silted with sulfate:
prayers named after the wavelength as if salvation could be an afterthought.

In the drowning souls of unsung heroes, the sea clasps its broad hands,
boys and men ferry into nothingness, and the sky retains the familiar face.

Agunbiade Kehinde is a young Nigerian poet, essayist, and campus journalist. His works have featured in Vagabond City Lit, Rising Phoenix Review, The Pangolin Review, Feral Poetry, Kalahari Review among others. He studies Literature-in-English at the department of English, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ifẹ. Tweets at: (@akehinde71)

Banner Art: Beneath, a digital art work by Robert Frede Kenter (c) 2021 Tweets: (@frede_kenter)

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