A Poem by Norbert Góra

Note from the Author: This poem describes the grief of never-ending termporary workers who would like to finally have a permanent job.

Permanently temporary

The binder won’t hold
all contracts, no chance,
just as their hearts
won’t bear the new promises
of upcoming stabilizations
and possible promotions,
not a single word.

Permanently temporary,
economically useful
from term to term,
the strength of bloodthirsty capitalism,
you can see it flying,
while they lie on the ground
in despair.

How to believe
in a better future,
if the pink glasses
have already lost
their lenses (they were supposed
to be so durable)?
Everyone turns away from them,
the reason is the fear
that it can happen to anyone.

Norbert Góra is a 31 years old poet and writer from Poland. He is the author of more than 100 poems which have been published in poetry anthologies in USA, UK, India, Nigeria, Kenya and Australia. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/norbert.gora.94

Banner Art: Proud Union Home, a photograph by M.S. Evans (c) 2021. M.S. Evans is a guest reader/editor for Work & The Anthropocene Project. Her Twitter handle is: @SeaNettleInk

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