Sir Gareth’s Wandering Eyelids: Sound & Text – Mark Goodwin

Sir Gareth’s Wandering Eyelid: Sound Version

a stark landscape in close up: a blackened winter tree in front of a rainbow sky: blue lime green, yellow and red curving diagonals,  turning to purple-grape at the top right side.

click here to listen:

Best listened to thru headphones


Released August 28, 2022
poetic fiction, vocals & sound production: Mark Goodwin
cover image: Mark Goodwin & Nikki Clayton
traditional English jig: Ladies’ Pleasure

Sir Gareth’s Wandering Eyelids (Text)

Mark Goodwin is a poet-sound-artist & fiction-maker who speaks and writes in differing ways. He has a number of books & chapbooks with various English poetry houses, including Leafe Press, Longbarrow Press, & Shearsman Books. His chapbook Erodes On Air (a compressed mountain travelogue) is published in the U.S. by Middle Creek (Beulah, 2021). His latest chapbooks are: to ‘B’ nor as ‘tree’ (Intergraphia, Sheffield, October 2022) & Of Gone Fox (The Hedgehog Poetry Press, Clevedon, April 2023). Mark lives with his partner on a narrowboat just north of Leicester, in the English Midlands. Mark is on twitter at @kramawoodgin, and some of his sound-enhanced poetry is here: 

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