Three Visual Poems – Brian J. Alvarado

How to Just Keep Livin' (an erasure poem) text from newspaper - cut outs - Blue/turquoise textured background.
Text: an overflowing knife/touched fire or/fork in the electric socket./A bad tooth, a tree down, a flooded basement/as sick as/their secrets./shaking hands may never work again./the suffering vice of something bigger,/understand it was a horror story -- it was a love story./a silent gap to come/life unfolding again./dry out your basement,/open all doors and windows./listen, listen,listen/these little evidences of tender recollection/the crux ofc coming out of a time and evolving,/"Like a vaccine, it'll be a breath of fresh air, jubilant, celebratory./just a story. of a story/
The text is arranged in a staggered fashion across the page left centre a few right margin.
An erasure/redaction poem. Different font sizes of lettering, black redaction boxes, a kind of advertisement -- ironic -- for the vaccine -- making it seem like a lifestyle column: TEXT:
Question / Secrets/ Get Real, Get the Vaccine, and More   Today's..../Good Morning/ 2/ 12. Get/Real,/Get   the Vaccine, and /More   Today's
A Mirror text visual poem rectangular block. Black text, white background:
the words: WAITING and WRITING appear (with the words repeated upside down backwards)
Large font 1 word each line.

Brian J. Alvarado (he/him) writes and sings. His recent work has been featured in printed publications of: FERALSHIFTMONOPeach Velvet MagHeart of Flesh Lit, and online in: Thimble Literary MagazineSquawk BackRoi Fainéant PressBullshit LitSledgehammer Lit, and Cajun Mutt Press, among others. He holds a BA in Creative Writing from Susquehanna University and resides in his native Bronx. Twitter/IG: @wrdsrch.

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