ARRANGED WOMEN – A Collaboration Texts: Amantine Brodeur / Art: Davor Rapaić

grey, beige, brown, a kind of post-cubist geometric work on paper using graphite, watercolor, inks. A portrait of a woman, sad, sitting behind, amidst rectangular blocks and rectangles behind her that form an abstract background.
A towering woman as if carved from wood -- a painting -- watercolour --with a giant hat, brown-grainy background to match her enclosed figure.
Third image of a woman staring to the side big swath of styled black hair, background is  maroon, black, white, grey and umber -- Another figure drawing with motion and stillness.
A sitting woman with a vague expression -- inward -- large billowing dress, black rectangular wall behind her, a figure drawing, black white shapes made from ink, watercolor, graphite.

Bio: Amantine Brodeur is a reclusive literary alchemist; an explorer of the mundane and ordinary, revealed in universes hidden within language. A lover of satire and the absurd, she embraces the surrealist irony of contemporary life. Her work has been published in online presses including iamb, Pink Plastic House, and others. Her work is included in the anthology Deep Time (Black Bough). Her collaborative text, 100 Words of Solitude published by (Rare Swan Press). Her poetry collection, Falling Slowly, is published with (Book Hub Publishing, 2021).

Davor Rapaić is a prize-winning contemporary Croatian artist who studied art, art history and philosophy in Zagreb. He began exhibiting his art in 1987, and has over 40 solo shows and hundreds of group exhibitions to date across Europe. His work is in both private and public collections. He is a member of HOLU Zagreb, HOLU Istria, and the Croatian Association of Independent Artists.

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