A Liquid City in Motion – A Film Script by Imogen Reid

The mood is of drowsy delirium, anesthetized, an exhausted turbulence runs through you

SOUND | There is no sound. The soundtrack is silence.

Imogen Reid @vilmastuttle completed a practice-based PhD at Chelsea College of Arts, her practice being writing. Her thesis focused on the ways in which film has been used by novelists as a resource to transform their writing practice, and on how the non-conventional writing techniques generated by film could, in turn, produce alternative forms of readability. Her work has appeared in Hotel Magazine, LossLit, Gorse Journal, Zeno Magazine, Elbow Room, the KFB anthology: Not Your Best No. 1, and ToCall Magazine. She has participated in Steven J Fowler’s Poem Brut events, and has a pamphlet with Gordian Projects. 

Page Design: Robert Frede Kenter.

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