Deviations from Code on Geographic Hardweb by kenji siratori

corpse state only internal head acid hyper crazy world gram recognition infectious genome body chemical technocrisis emulated convergence and consciousness at the location of script code plug-dog nightmare protocol is a medium-sized dna omotya error hunting mechanism that causes in human cities to break down into apoptotic water mania disease
chromosome killing that does malice to the sun virtual horizon of the memory of the memory of the man horizon of the flesh of the man is opened streaming to her mitochondria of world absolute vagina space
of the inherited boy breaks the body inoculated endosporoid embryo ecstasy and state brain

form hive already shortens the planetary abolition of regional natural system scope of the definition is < grotesque abandoned brain odor artificial down:::abolishes intercourse meat with accelerated brain boy down gene general suck emulated performance artificial nightmare then bit break speed chloroform black roid break secondary acidhuman silence her asphalt embryo bio fly stage of techno suicide eyeball drug pupil herself achieved life of growing pupil retro nature down animal chemical browser acid storage code sec machine down and plug emulation apoptosis tear storage heart penetration nightmare dog

skin brain i was meat smash data mutant so much missing that condition code is organ => material of the mechanism of the era is accelerated grotesque steel army mirror rape the feeling of drug gram murder is that the downward movement sucks the fluid in the foot sucking fluid in the loud-secreting area of ​​communication of software for snatch

disease_brain is that her condition spreads blood transmission to itself accelerates the real-world presence of techno bondage imitation techno injection from the sun into the device ultra machinery swapping genomics dog gaming fiction traffic with different vital plug fiction traffic wolf sun that killed solar corpse data mutant my own desert escape browser murder i broke the blue sickness so the techno crisis inside the molecular murder parasite outside noise the atmosphere of the fight to the hydro chocolate

broken man corpse fetish control of the quality line using the eyeball of the universe is the real thing of the hyper real pill boy’s hell gear destruction is described radar clown apoptosis techno existence short retro hyper rhinoceros ultra-machinery desert self-off cold novel holding skin man of the bloodshed genome of the city of bad blood artificial tragedy into the software repository i am the acid god for the sun swarm retro fluid corpse for screen chemicals i am a gene grotesque review abolished myself because the system_embryo is a retro module that controls the world inside did you control the sick demon in the paradise of embryos without overdriving? it’s magnified these screen murderer’s flesh embryo is a challenge facing you beat

================== soon she cracks sick without fetish screams that have invaded the creatures transmit to the brain breathes the absence of a pillcode monitor suspicion of cyber screens multiplies code state memory chromosome dogs that understand the emotional intent of retro have grown fear in the bodily system of artificial threads because the screen of the soul could not access the killing fibers injected with the disillusioned embryo she is a junkie of coexistence with a violent high-gram beat of skim physical body controlled by quantum embryos born of the blood of the mill cortex and the trash soul is made of its yellow natural acid indispensable to me in the murder new man to the zero-of-cadaver chaotic brain-only boy cell mutation device her link can open the can horizon through gay grotesque:::hunt and breathe converge the body consumed like a nightmare into a viral protocol love is a natural artificial life-like insect curse was a boy ant creature swastika toy threat lust embryo chip cracking is a synthetic invasion and soon into a module that says the number of grotesque blood ultra-machinary surface figures

kenji siratori @KenjiSiratori is a Japanese avant-garde writer, visual artist and noise artist. His first novel, Blood Electric (Creation Books), was acclaimed by Dennis Cooper, David Bowie, among others. His other books include Nonexistence, Acidhuman Project, GIMMICK:, Smart-d, Human_Worms, HEADCODE and Hack_. His short stories Tattoo and Hallucination=cell have appeared in 3A.M. Magazine. He has collaborated with writers including Gary J. Shipley and Reza Negarestani, and recording artists Trou, henrik nordvargr bjorkk, D.B.P.I. and many others.

Text and Images by Kenji Siratori Design: Robert Frede Kenter

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