Two Spacescapes – Anthony Etherin

In each of these two “Spacescapes”, two different poetic forms occupy the same space, combining as one multiformal poem. In “Wavescape”, a Shakespearean sonnet, in iambic dimeter, breaks into two monometer sonnets — one Shakespearean, the other Petrarchan. In “Colourscape”, a monometer Shakespearean sonnet runs through a pentametric ottava rima — the third metrical foot of each line of the ottava rima thus being shared with the central eight lines of the sonnet.

Anthony Etherin is a formalist poet, specialising in strict literary constraints. His latest book is “Stray Arts (and Other Inventions)” (Penteract Press, 2019). Find him on Twitter, @Anthony_Etherin and via

Banner: “Pattern” A Digital Art Work by Robert Frede Kenter

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