July 2019

Ice Floe Press co-editors Robert Frede Kenter and Elisabeth Horan are guest-editors at Burning House Press http://www.burninghousepress.com

Prompt Title
(c) R. Frede Kenter

Secrets protect reveal family secrets family lies lie to self lie to other lie down with secrets wake up to lies state secrets secret rituals secret yearnings secret gardens institutional lies lies that save a nation an individual secret ritual secrets what happened who knows to keep it a secret lies of propaganda lies of state secret notebooks tell don’t tell forgotten secrets found secrets dirty little secrets whirlpools of lies secret selves don’t tell anyone what happened here lies and secrets. Lies and secrets hibernate, they travel, they are dormant, they sprout, they show themselves personified, they take on a personality, they need touch, love, they need slaying.

The guest editors of BURNING HOUSE PRESS for JULY 2019, Robert Frede Kenter and Elisabeth Horan, co-editors of Ice Floe Press, want to gather a month of lies and secrets, excavations,  lists, secret selves (who or what are you hiding, how might you reveal), performative lies, interrogations,  exposes.

Submit your secrets and lies whether funny bleak terrifying lyrical. What is a truth? What is a lie? What is a secret? From the Burlesque to the Carnivalesque, the oblique to the abject, to transgressive and uncomfortable.  Unpack your previously unpublished most original poems, stories, flash fictions, prose poems, hybrids, drawings, recipes, puzzles, games, song forms, photos, formulae, etymologies, typologies, landscapes, magic acts, excavated secrets, re-semblances.

 Whether it’s realism, genre forms, fables, confessions (real or imaginary), sci fi, aphorism, lament, script, voice, micro-video or a list. Tell a lie, expose a secret. Interrogate an institution. Lie down with a lie and get up with a secret. Historical lies erasures secret societies secret pathways protections against lies/liars. Fragment pull apart,  put back together.  From the fog to the clarity. To beyond binaries.

Send your submissions to guesteditorbhp@gmail.com

Submissions open July 1-July24th, 2019.

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