Unseen/Domestic Labour/ Self Portrait – an image by Julia O’Connell

Julia O’Connell, Artist, IMAGE: Unseen/Domestic Labour/ Self Portrait

Julia O’Connell is an award winning visual artist whose practice is predominantly based in textiles. In October 2020 Julia was invited to give a talk about her Visible Maker project in Boston, U.S for the Textile Society of America. The work features a 1919 Treadle sewing machine connected to bespoke interactive technology culminating in a live craft theatre performance. Julia designed the coat for Godiva Awakes (Imagineer Productions) for the Cultural Olympiad, London Olympics 2012. Other commissions include: Processions 2018, a national artwork of handmade banners in London by Artichoke and 14:18Now, commemorating 100 years of women’s votes.

Julia is a member of Inbetweenus.Collective. An artist collective committed to radical care, threading works in progress, performing a conversation to disrupt the undervalued labour of process. She is also a follower of the Slow movement, taking time to create hand stitched works using sustainable materials including natural fabrics and re-using gifted sewing ephemera. She creates soundscapes and short films to accompany her textile work. Julia is also a theatre producer for Theatre Absolute and the Shop Front Theatre in Coventry, England. Follow Julia on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mamajulescov/ and

Banner Image: Unseen/Domestic Labour/Self Portrait by Julia O’Connell, a section digitally manipulated by Moira J. Saucer

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