Factory Floor – a poem by Emma Filtness with a mixed-media collage by M.S. Evans

Factory Floor

I remember the scraps
             of silk you’d bring home for me            treasure
                               magpied        from the factory floor
                            from frantic gaps
            between pedals        and        feet
  scavenged slithers of slippery lightly grasped
                   tucked into the pouch
                                of your navy pinnie as if
           you were lining a nest
  knowing these scraps would keep me warm
                   while you were gone        as I’d collage them
onto a page with white glue in the shape of your     

Emma Filtness is a poet and lecturer in Creative Writing at Brunel University London. Her poems recently featured in visual poetry exhibitions with Poem Atlas and Mellom Press. Emma finds inspiration in nature and the (dark) feminine, writes much of late about her childhood hometown, migration and work, makes zines and particularly enjoys exploring found and visual poetics. Twitter: Emma L Filtness (@em_filtness) / Twitter Instagram: @cultofflora 

Banner Art: Mother’s Nest, a Mixed Media Collage by M.S. Evans. Tweets: M.S. Evans (@SeaNettleInk) / Twitter


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