Nema – A Poetry Film by Maggs Vibo

content warning: miscarriage

Margaret Ann Viboolsittiseri uses the penname Maggs Vibo and pronouns (she/her). @maggsvibo Vibo is a poet, artist, scholar and war veteran from Richmond, Virginia. She earned her MA in Liberal Studies from Thomas Edison State University and lives near a multitude of historical sites which provide ample writing inspiration. Her avant-garde piece “Aesop 2020” was recently published at The Babel Tower Notice Board. Her experimental poem “The Year of the Rat” was published in the Distance 3.0 Project with Ang(st) the feminist body zine. Her visual pieces are archived in the Online Exhibition ‘Escapisms’ at Poem Atlas. She has experimental photography at global Headless Way websites dedicated to the teachings of philosopher Douglas Harding. Vibo’s war poetry is available online with The Veterans Writing Project (VWP), Oxford Brookes University Poetry Centre and Army @ The Fringe in association with Summerhall. O-Dark-Thirty is the literary journal for VWP where her pieces are in the quarterly print journal The Review 4.2 (Winter 2016); 4.3 (Spring 2016); and 5.3 Anthology (Spring 2017). She also has published work in VWP’s online site The Report entitled “Matthew Replies at 17:20”. While at Oxford Brookes University Poetry Centre, she participated in Veterans’ Writing Workshops and has two visual poems “Rage” and “To Our Fallen” which are available in ‘My teeth don’t chew on shrapnel’: an anthology of poetry by military veterans. Vibo was interviewed by Dr. Niall Munro in his Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre podcast series in which she discussed her service as a female war veteran, role as a military spouse and thoughts on legacy. Vibo’s poetry films “Snappy Syncs”, “A Lifetime of War in 250 Words”, “Colors of Battle” and “Hold the Guac” showed during the 2020 Army @ the “Virtual” Fringe Festival. Aside from the Poetry and Spoken Word Event, she also helped facilitate a Poetry and Theatre Workshop together with Actor Tim Marriott. She has appeared on a British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) radio show hosted by Dave Roberts. In the weeklong BFBS segment, Joe Thoenes interviewed veterans for the morning program Totally Connected. Further information about her life, heritage, family and work is available on her website

Banner: A still from Nema by Maggs Vibo selected by Robert Frede Kenter.

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