AND SHE LIVES ON….. A Poem by Jemelia Moseley


She lives on
In the music I hear, In the stars in the sky
In the food that I eat, in my dancing feet
in the perfume I wear, in the love that I share
She will never die ….as she lives on

Jemelia Moseley is a primary school teacher, poet and spoken word artist. She loves all things poetry and spoken word and would love to see her work all over the world in print/word and on stage/TV.  Jemelia’s poem ‘United’ will be published in ‘The Fly On The Wall‘ Magazine in September 2020, her other poems; ‘Grandma and Grandad’ and ‘Protests’ will also be published in September in a journal in Scotland, U.K. The Daily Drunk Mag has recently published her work. Twitter: @jemeliapoet, Instagram: @foryouandi3

Banner Image: City Night, a digital image by Robert Frede Kenter Tweets: @frede_kenter

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