Today I Love My Mother More – A Poem by El Kamaal

Today I Love My Mother More

Today, I love my mother more;

Not only because she had once bathed me
With the warmest of her blood; and held me
With the coldest grip of her hands.
Her blood—so warm it made my father forgot his name.
So cold and gripping it moved him closer to God—
More than her snapping finger and groaning voice.

Not only because she sang like wrens at night
When fear nights their presence in the soft compound
Of my younger skin. Not because she is proud
Of what I am becoming or what she craves to know
About who I would eventually be or become.

Not only because she’s worthy of being reminisced
With the death of every second, with the birth
Of every minute, with every going of what moment
I don’t know, but has come, gone and passed.

Today I love my mother more        just because
I get to wake up at the right hand of time and
Her name opens the big beautiful door of my breath and
Make it words out the first alphabets
Of the day as colors, painting the ever listening ears
Of the Lord with brown, virgin praise.

El Kamaal @ellipziz is a Nigerian poet, and writer. His recent works have appeared in or forthcoming from Hominum Journal, Clover and White, Global Poemic, Lumiere Review, Wend Poetry, 433 Magazine, Cathartic, Giallo, Cultural Weekly, and elsewhere. He was shortlisted for the 2020 Alpine Fellowship Academic Writing Prize.

Banner: “untitled” a digital collage by Robert Frede Kenter

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