A Mother’s Monologue While Heartache Eats Her Daughter – A Poem by Busamoya Phodiso Modirwa

A Mother’s Monologue While Heartache Eats Her Daughter

                  Oh my child.               What will I do        with you now?

Of all the things       flowing





you             ^      this heart.

This heart                     that sometimes caves;                  an abandoned grave

             After      days                   of having thoughtless flowers                   laid over it.

Words                   spoken over it —but never asked how it is doing.

             This heart collapses;                 embraces the soil that buries       it like a lover.

Even when the lover is a heavy thing                                     that hurts

                        This heart gets hurt        and dresses the wound with a smile.

             When disaster strikes                                        this heart wears a Red Cross

                       uniform and asks                      who else needs a life                       jacket.

This heart forgets it is not a life jacket      it still spreads       thin         around lovers

             who only know      how to hold it      to survive             never to love.

                                            My child

there are a lot of things                  this heart can do

                       but pulling its soft                    parts      to make a rug

                       for heavy feet it                                               cannot.

I am sorry                      there are things     words               cannot teach.

Busamoya Phodiso Modirwa @Phodiso_Modirwa is a Motswana writer and poet with works published on Jalada Africa, Praxis Online Magazine, Ake Review, Kalahari Review, The Weight of Years: An AfroAnthology Of Creative and elsewhere. She is a recipient of the Botswana President’s Award for Contemporary Poetry. 

Banner Art: Abstract Flowers with Accidental Shadows. A Painting by Moira J. Saucer.

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