Four Visual Poems from EXIST TENSE – Mark Laliberte

MARK LALIBERTE is an artist-writer-designer-curator with an MFA from University of Guelph. He has exhibited extensively in galleries across Canada and the USA, curates the online experimental comics site, and edits the hybrid art/lit mag CAROUSEL. Laliberte has had pageworks, poems and other print experiments appear in publications big and small, including Ink Brick, POETRY, prairie fire, Prefix Photo, subTerrian and Vallum. Publications include ‘BRICKBRICKBRICK’ (BookThug, 2010) and ‘asemanticasymmetry’ (a riso-printed remixing of selected derek beaulieu’s letraset works / Anstruther Press, 2016). Laliberte is a member of the collaborative writing entity, MA|DE. More info: +

Note on Work: The four pieces are excerpted from the series-in-progress, EXIST TENSE — a collection of short-form collage/hybrid pageworks created using a heterogeneous mix of letter-forms, built a word at a time out of magazine/newspaper-headlines, etc; in these pieces, language is used in a reduced, semi-poetic fashion, intermingling with resonant images that bind into each statement in a holistic way.

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