Not Been Seen As Such – Visual Poems by Sascha Aurora Akhtar

Sascha Aurora Akhtar AkhtarSascha is a trans-race, multi-dimensional, sub rosa poeto/story-bot. She was patented in Pakistan. Had upgrades in pre- 9/11 U.S.A. Was released onto shelves in the U.K. Her roboto-poetics have been widely anthologised and translated into Armenian, Portuguese, Galician, Russian, Dutch and Polish. Anthologies include Cathecism: Poems for Pussy Riot (2012) and the second Out of Everywhere (Reality Street, 2015).  She has also been part of other poetry protests – Against Rape (Peony Moon, 2014), Solidarity Park Poetry – Poems for the Turkish resistance which she was the Editor and Founder of (Ed. 2013).

Her second poetry collection 199 Japanese Names for Japanese Trees (Shearsman UK, 2016), follows on from The Grimoire of Grimalkin (SALT UK, 2007), called ‘ a contemporary masterpiece,’ by the Chair of the Department of French Literature, Thought and Culture at New York University, Phillip John Usher.  Her third, Only Dying Sparkles, an Art/object deck of poems with drawings on ZimZalla (Manchester) was published in December 2018 and featured on the Southbank Poetry Library acquisitions page. It was featured in the Poetry By Design exhibit at the University of Leeds in summer 2019.

A pamphlet, The Whimsy Of Dank Ju-Ju arrived in September 2019 on Emma Press (Birmingham) and the fourth, a full-length collection ) & #LoveLikeBlood ( Knives, Spoons & Forks Press) has been published on Oct 15, 2019. Parts of this collection are part of the Blackpool illuminations 2019. Among other works published and/or forthcoming is a book of translations of pioneering feminist fiction writer Hijjab Imtiaz due April 2020 from Oxford University Press. F: @ChoisirLeMotJuste

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