On-line Ice-Floe New Works November

Welcome to our first new works on-line project: Who’s on First. We are starting on Halloween and will skate into November’s end. Who knows this might even extend to December’s cold skating organ grinding midnight arena all shivering teeth and chattering crescendo. Ice Floe Press editor Robert Frede Kenter is inviting some of his favorite invigorating creators of word and image to share new poems, cartoons, one-liners, collaborations, hybrids, prose screes, images, songs, scripts, maybe even an essay or a testimony or two, along the way. Work will be posted throughout the month on a revolving basis, and remain for further ruminative impact & contemplative pools of erudition. Welcome as we step in front of the proscenium and ask: Who’s on First! Second! Third. Engage! And Enjoy. Bowing, curtseying until the curtain call.

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