Kyla Houbolt

We are thrilled to welcome the brilliant, totally unique and original author, poet and activist, Kyla Houbolt, to our growing roster of authors at Ice Floe Press. We hope you will enjoy her beautiful micro chap, Dawn’s Fool now available for pre-order from our book order page in the drop-down menu under Books. The expected publication date/launch is January, 2020. Thank you for visiting Ice Floe Press and viewing Kyla’s author page !

“One of my favorite things about Kyla Houbolt’s poems is the marriage of dream logic and sincerity, how she pushes completely through an image — the same way a parent guides an infant to crawl, then walk, then run. She’s deeply spectacular.” — Julia Beach

“If bees followed me / I would carry them all on a kite,” Kyla Houbolt writes. Like John Clare, she is a poet of feeling and experience, and her imagination is intact. It would be foolish not to pay attention.– Jordan Davis

Kyla Houbolt writes from an urgency to offer into the world a quality of being she can only express in poetry. Her life has not been one devoted to poetry though she’s been writing some version of it since she was able to form words on a page. She has no higher degrees and did not seek publication until early 2019. Previously, and before joining the internet world, she found venues in open mics, small group sharing, and individual gifting of poems. She has lived in most areas of the United States during her life, including many years on the West Coast, and has recently returned to her home state, North Carolina. Along with publishing poems in online journals (listed below) she has taken to sharing poems by sticking them up on trees in a local walking park. These poems, some written from that place, will form a future collection, and have yielded some local interest in her work.

Kyla is grateful to the following journals for publishing her work:

The Hellebore, Neologism Poetry, Black Bough Poetry, Barren Magazine, Juke Joint Magazine, Kissing Dynamite, Burning House Press/The Arsonista, Mojave He[art] Journal, Parentheses, Crepe and Penn, Muskeg, Headline Poetry, Dovecote, Nightingale & Sparrow, Back Patio Press, Silk & Smoke, Picaroon, goodbaad poetry, Claw & Blossom, Cabinet of Heed, Detritus Online, Taco Bell Quarterly, Ghost City Review, Diametric. She is a Best of the Net nominee 2019. You can find most of her current work at her Link Tree, here: and follow her on Twitter @ luaz_poet.

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